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A Wedding Photo Booth Rental Service as the Most Suitable Addition to a Lifetime Event

When you decide to take the big step and share your life with the person you love most, don’t forget about hiring a wedding photo booth rental service to turn the day memorable and amazing.

Prior to your wedding, things get hectic. You have to hire the best DJ, a good catering service, to check the venue, so you may neglect the importance of choosing the wedding photo booth rental service carefully.

In order to choose right and to bring the proper amount of fun and amusement to your wedding reception, take a look at the following features that define the most suitable photo booth:

• It has to capture and share the fun that goes on behind the curtain;
• It has to be delivered, set up and accompanied by a booth attendant to stay by it during the entire event, without being noisy, but ready to provide assistance when needed;
• Basic and luxury packages should be available;
• The photos should be available both on CD and USB;
• Themed backgrounds should be available;
• Customizable colors and photo templates should be ensured;
• It should incorporate the latest technology (the cameras of the wedding photo booth rental should capture the highest quality pictures, ultra sharp images; DSLR cameras are more expensive, but they deliver higher quality shots, due to their sharper image sensors and their superior lenses, so you may want to settle for one);
• Thermal printers, beauty lighting and a large, friendly touchscreen should give you the possibility to choose between black and white or color photos and a video recording;
• The booth should be easy to use.

These features usually vary according to the package you choose and to the amount of money you are willing to spend. There are also other basic aspects that may help you to decide what photo booth is more appropriate for your needs.

For example, the dimensions matter a lot, as there are tiny booths that barely accommodate 2 people and larger booths that fit up to 12, and even more people. The width and height are important too, as the booth should fit through the entrance door or along narrow hallways.

The weight, on the other hand, influences mobility, so, especially for a venue taking place upstairs, it can turn into a serious impediment. If you wish to save some time, money and effort, just tell us what you want and we will make sure to provide it, as we have the best wedding photo booth rental services on the market and everything it takes to ensure lasting memories for you and your guests.