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Event Rentals – Toronto Solutions to Ensure Fun and Great Memories at Every Party

Through event rentals, Toronto entertainment companies and residents understand photo booth rental services, considering these small cabins, equipped with a camera, a computer and a bunch of accessories easy methods to ensure the fun and entertainment that every party should offer.

Why Use A Photo Booth For Your Party?

A photo booth is a great way of entertaining your guests and of creating and preserving beautiful memories like pictures, videos and even messages. Photos can be customized to express certain feelings and emotions, to inspire fun and freedom (rather of imagination than of movement, considering the small dimensions of the photo booths that are usually rented).

Compared to the pictures taken by the event photographer, for which people barely smile and stand straight against a wall or a flower bush, for the pictures taken in the photo booth, most people leave their inhibitions outside and let their imagination run wild.

Funny faces, odd masks, crazy eyes and fooling around are the terms that describe best what goes on in the photo booth. And if this is not funny or original enough, how about sending Zorro to space by using the Zorro outfit that comes with the booth and changing the background? Niagara Falls and the Arabic castles go better for couples, while children love the Disney themes.

In terms of event rentals, Toronto’s most attractive offers come from Photobooth by Babylon. We have years of experience in the entertainment industry and thousands of satisfied customers.

Our secret is that we put ourselves in the shoes of our clients and we try to provide what we would want from such services. It works, and, when recommending event rentals, Toronto residents appoint us.

Our photo booths differ on various levels:

  • Dimensions – you can choose smaller booths or studio type, depending on the magnitude of the event, on the transportation conditions and on the money you are willing to spend;
  • Camera – all our cameras take great pictures, but if an average precision camera is enough for a small booth, studio booth require better performances, and we ensure them;
  • Lights – the small booths are equipped with a strong flashlight, that will not create the red eye effect everyone fears, while the studio type booths have reflectors or additional light sources to ensure proper conditions for faultless pictures;
  • Software – in the newest and most expensive photo booths, the software allows you to edit the pictures to your liking, from adding backgrounds to changing colors and putting smiles on people’s faces.
  • Accessories – the variety and quality of the accessories available depends on the booth and on the price, but, one thing is for sure: everyone will have fun!
Take advantage of the best offer in terms of event rentals Toronto has ever seen and your party will be the talk of the town!